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Both these tracts have great access, rural water from District 2, & utilities nearby. Not only are they great livestock properties, but it’s always a benefit to have the opportunity for improvements.  Tract 1 is just a short distance from John Redman Reservoir on the north. These pastures clearly show they have been cared for by spraying and burning regularly.  

Good quality, well cared for grass is essential to a lucrative cattle business year in and year out. We look forward to offering you these two tracts and to seeing you at the auction! 

Click on one of the following to view photos or videos of the upcoming auction: 

Tract 1 PHOTOS                             Tract 1 Aerial VIDEO 

Tract 2 PHOTOS                              Tract 2 Aerial VIDEO 


TRACT 1:  $3,400 per acre
TRACT 2:  $2,100 per acre
Tract 3:  $3,050 per acre
Tract 4:  $3,050 per acre

Tract 5:  $2,600 per acre

What a privilege to sell such a diverse Flint Hills property. There are various acreages to fit different budgets, mixed cropland and grasses for different producers and wildlife lovers! What better investment than one with an agricultural return, but also one with recreation with Lake, Elm Creek and other wildlife habitats. The reputation for deer and turkey is definitely part of the legacy of these properties. With the properties leased for hunting, we encourage our showings to be between the hours of 10AM-3PM. This will help assure everyone's safety and show consideration to the hunting leasee. Every property has utilities close and could be used for improvements. The Lake tract has water & electricity in place for immediate use- a beautiful site for improvements. 

We look forward to showing you this property.  This is quite an opportunity for you the buyer, to have the chance to purchase quality land.   Ag investments of this quality are not available every day on the market.  Please give us a call and we will show you these tracts.  We will look forward to seeing you at the auction!

Click on one of the following to view photos or videos of the upcoming auction: 

Tract 1 Harvest VIDEO                            Tract 1 Aerial Drone VIDEO 

 Tract 2 Aerial Drone VIDEO                    Tract 3 Aerial Drone VIDEO   

Tract 4 Aerial Drone VIDEO                      Tract 5 Aerial Drone VIDEO  

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